dN|Be Ent.

The soundtrack to the revolution…

dN|Be Entertainment was established as an independent record label to help artists re-establish or maintain their independence from major record labels by providing financial and marketing/promotional support.  In keeping with the mission of dN|Be/dangerousNEGRO, we focus on forming partnerships with socially conscious, progressive artists that are leaders, trendsetters, and can create music that makes a positive statement, makes people think, but can also appeal to our customer base.


Rhymefest aka El Che

Managing Partners

Demetrius D. Walker:  Also known as “The Voice of the Hip Hop Generation,” Demetrius is an international public speaker and the Marketing Director of dangerousNEGRO.  Graduating from Vanderbilt University with a BA in Economics, Demetrius has a wide range of sales experience in the corporate sector. To date, Demetrius has been a guest on several urban radio talk shows across the country.  Since 2005, Demetrius has excelled as a motivational speaker, spreading words of encouragement to college campuses, high schools, and youth programs nationwide.  He is the author of CEOtivated: Making a Mogul In The Midst Of Misfortune (available Late 2009) and founder of DWalkerSpeaking.com.

Sebastine Ujereh, Jr.: Graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2004 and went on to receive his Master’s degree from Purdue University. He serves as president of dangerousNEGRO (dN|Be Apparel). Sebastine is a proven leader and acts as advisor of two other start-up companies. His strong technical background provides a unique perspective on problem solving and business strategies in an entrepreneurial setting. He is devoted to collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs and believes that motivated individuals working towards a common goal get things done!