The soundtrack to the revolution…

dN|Be Entertainment was established as an independent record label to help artists re-establish or maintain their independence from major record labels by providing financial and marketing/promotional support.  In keeping with the mission of dN|Be, we focus on forming partnerships with socially conscious, progressive artists that are leaders, trendsetters, and can create good music that makes a positive statement and represents for the people, not purely commercial/corporate interests.

For the prospective artists, here are a few reasons why you should choose us:

  1. You keep your masters and all rights associated with your music.  We’re not interested in being slave masters.
  2. We provide financing, promotional and administrative support.  That’s it.  You have creative control and can create the art you want to create.  If we don’t like your work we just won’t sign you in the first place.  It makes no sense to sign someone and then try to change who they are.
  3. We sign you for one album at a time and don’t try to lock you into multi-album deals.  If we like working together, we keep going.  If not, we don’t.


Rhymefest aka El Che

Managing Partners

Demetrius D. Walker:  Also known as “The Voice of the Hip Hop Generation,” Demetrius is an international public speaker and the Marketing Director of dangerousNEGRO.  Graduating from Vanderbilt University with a BA in Economics, Demetrius has a wide range of sales experience in the corporate sector. To date, Demetrius has been a guest on several urban radio talk shows across the country.  Since 2005, Demetrius has excelled as a motivational speaker, spreading words of encouragement to college campuses, high schools, and youth programs nationwide.  He is the author of CEOtivated: Making a Mogul In The Midst Of Misfortune (available Late 2009) and founder of DWalkerSpeaking.com.

Sebastine Ujereh, Jr.: Graduated from Vanderbilt University in 2004 and went on to receive his Master’s degree from Purdue University. He serves as president of dangerousNEGRO (dN|Be Apparel). Sebastine is a proven leader and acts as advisor of two other start-up companies. His strong technical background provides a unique perspective on problem solving and business strategies in an entrepreneurial setting. He is devoted to collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs and believes that motivated individuals working towards a common goal get things done!